The best tapas

Spain is a country rich in many aspects, but if there is one thing that attracts the attention of foreigners, it is an ancient millenary tradition that, despite the restrictions, is still more alive than ever: the “tapeo”.

This tradition, which mixes the concept of eating with that of socializing, began in the bars of bars, cafes and restaurants and, to this day, there is no one who has not heard of it. In fact, it has even had the honor of being recognized as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

But where is the best “tapeo”? Holidu has compiled a list of the best regions for tapas by consulting Google Maps and taking into account factors such as the number of establishments in the city or the average price of a menu. Take a look!

1. Seville

Its more than 215 establishments specialized in tapas have turned the capital of Andalusia into one of the top gastronomic references for tourists, who are unable to return home without having tried the marinated dogfish or the pringá montadito. Las Golondrinas, Casa Rafita, La Azotea or El Rinconcillo are some of the star restaurants of the place, so don’t miss them!

2. Granada

The city of Granada attracts tourists with its incredible architectural beauty but also with its tapas, which are cooked using local products such as vegetables from the Vega, meat from Sierra Nevada or fish from the coast of Motril. Roast ham, croquettes, meat in sauce…. All their creations are finger-licking good!

3. Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is a meeting point for pilgrims, but also for food lovers. The Galicians can boast of having the best seafood, but also tasty and varied tapas ranging from the tortilla skewer to the chicharrones toast. Surely you’re dying to try them!

4. Cadiz

The city of Cadiz is built on a strip of land surrounded by sea. Consequently, most of its tapas taste of salt: cuttlefish, shrimp omelette or mackerel with piriñaca are some of the star dishes at Bodeguita El Adobo, Sonámbulo, Casa Manteca, El Veedor or La Candela.

5. Malaga

Fried fish, Malaga salad and stews are the best seasoning for a good afternoon chatting with friends on one of the terraces of this beautiful city. In the land of Picasso, the tradition of “tapas” is deeply rooted!

The best tapas
6. Salamanca

Salamanca is the most popular city in Castilla y León. To keep the stomachs of the thousands of visitors it receives happy, the region has 76 local experts in tapas, among which we highlight Bambú, Cervantes, Patio Chico and Casa Paca. Their legumes with denomination of origin, their roast lamb, their cod fritters, the egg with boletus and the sausages they serve leave no one indifferent, not even those with the most exquisite palate.

7. Toledo

Toledo is a tourist destination known for its medieval monuments and its deep-rooted culinary traditions. The city conquers each and every one of its guests with tapas such as the “cabbage” of Ludeña, the grilled octopus or the bomba del Trébol. Once you try them, you won’t be able to get their taste out of your head or your palate.

8. Almeria

With 118 restaurants specialized in tapas, Almeria offers tourists a wide range of options to fill their stomachs. Among its star dishes are the roe in vinaigrette, grilled octopus or potatoes “a lo pobre”, all linked to the garden and the products of the sea and land.

9. A Coruña

Galician octopus, empanadas and lacón (pork shoulder) are waiting for you in A Coruña to make your visit a unique gastronomic experience. The place has 84 establishments where the drink does not come alone: it comes with a companion. We highlight Culuca, O Cribo, Casa Rita, El Pinar and A Sucursal do Garabullo.

10. Pontevedra

Pontevedra is the last city in Holidu’s ranking, but not the least important. With an average rating of 4.2 points and 62 restaurants in its catalog, the region offers a wide variety of tapas ranging from lamprey to oysters and cockle empanadas, as well as fish and veal pork.

And you, are you a fan of going out for tapas? What is your favorite city to do so?

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