International tours


Only LGBTQ+ and gay-friendly tours

At The Queer Travel we are clear about our philosophy. We want to offer you incredible travel experiences, where you can feel free and safe, where you can squeeze the time to the last breath and where fun and leisure are not incompatible with culture.

Our international tours are our own and we include accommodations, plans and other proposals that we think you will like. More will be added soon. If you want a different or more personalized one, just contact us and we will make it for you.

Cuba Queer
9 days

Cuba Queer in group with Kika Lorace - Last spots


Vietnam LGTBI
14 days


Southeast Asia as you never imagined

Berlin Pride
6 days

Berlin Pride - July 21, 2023


South Africa LGTBQ+ safari
10 days

Safari South Africa

Experience the authentic African adventure

Colombia LGBTQ
From 4 days


Latin America's most important LGBTQ+ destination

From 5 days


Emerging and vibrant LGBTQ destination

Mini gay cruises
7 days

Mini gay cruises

A vacation at sea that will be hard to forget

Costa Rica LGTBI
From 5 days

Costa Rica

Pure life, pure fun

Brazil LGTBI
From 6 days


LGBTQ holidays to the rhythm of samba and caipirinha


LGBTQ+ destinations

We choose our destinations because they respect the rights of gays, lesbians, transexuals and the rest of our collective. In addition, we try to offer alternative places to what you are used to.

Local suppliers

We work with specialized local suppliers, who know the type of client and their needs, know the destination and will do everything possible so that when you are there you enjoy it to the fullest and lack nothing.

Emerging countries

We are fortunate that there are more and more new destinations where LGBTQ+ people are welcome and where the industry is creating personalized services. Wouldn't you like to try and discover new places?

Customized experiences

Every trip is a challenge in which we try to make you experience something new and surprising. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants and activities focused on LGBTQ+ people, we will try to bring you the best and most exciting ones.

Are you getting married?

Check out our special itineraries for LGBTQ+ honeymooners.

Not the destination you are looking for?

Gradually, we will add more. Meanwhile, write to us and we will prepare a tailor-made tour for you.