Dragalada Drag Tour

Drag is all the rage. This type of artistic expression has reached its peak with the arrival in Spain of RuPaul’s Drag Race and there is no longer anyone who can escape its sharp claws full of glitter.

Dragalada Drag Tour is a project of Jakob Traxler and Olivier Grau that emerged with the aim of supporting the collective of drag artists, DJS and bars affected by the pandemic. The party has conquered Madrid and Valencia under the name of “Dragalada”; in Barcelona it is called “Ravalada” to pay tribute to the mythical neighborhood of Raval.

Dragalada attendees tour different bars in the city, where they enjoy shows by DJs and drag performers. In Madrid, the tour goes through venues such as Zarpa, Studio 54 or Mamainé, while in Barcelona it passes through the Believe Club or the Priscilla Café. The number of people in each group is the maximum capacity of the smallest of the venues chosen for the tour, so there are never more than 35 or 40 people in the same space. 

At the end of the party, the public tends to vote for the show they liked the most.  But the best thing about the Dragalada Drag Tour is not the false eyelashes, the exaggerated make-up, the drinks or the music: the best thing is that the profits from ticket sales go to the artists and bars that collaborate with the project.

And you, do you want to be part of this fun party?

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